2-Component Epoxy Coatings

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10 Series

VOC compliant, low temperature cure (below freezing) epoxy primers for use as equipment maintenance or encapsulation coatings in areas where moderate to severe corrosion may occur. Also available in a zinc filled version where cathodic protection of steel substrates in corrosive areas is needed.


12 Series

Highly filled epoxy grouts, crack fillers, mortar, and surfacers for concrete and masonry repair in areas subject to corrosive conditions. Low viscosity, unfilled systems used to penetrate & stabilize rusty surfaces.



11 Series

Low VOC amine-cured epoxy phenol novolac systems that provide superior protection for extremely hostile environments where abrasion, chemicals, and heat are present. Linings for tanks.


13 Series

Higher Solids, faster dry version of the 10 series. Can be used as a primer, midcoat or topcoat.


14 Series

Very high solids, slow drying, epoxy mastics with excellent film build & chemical resistance, for use on marginally prepared substrates. Very high solids chemically resistant exterior railcar coatings..


15 Series

VOC compliant low temperature cure epoxy topcoats for use over primers where moderate to severe corrosion may occur. Exhibit low toxicity and rapid cure in low temperatures and humid conditions.


16 Series

Similar to 15-Series topcoats, but formulated with special non-yellowing components and better color retention, sacrificing the low temperature cure for use in lighter colors.


17 Series

Specialty epoxy coatings...your specification!


18 Series

0 VOC epoxy linings . Chemical Resistant high build applications. Suitable for immersion service. 100% NV adhesives for clay or terracotta pipe.


19 Series

Single component air drying epoxy ester coatings for multiple uses. Available in colors or zinc filled systems for use over galvanized steel and as a low burnback weldable primer.



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