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70 Series

Economical silicone resin and silicone-modified alkyd blended vehicles for use over steel exposed to temperatures in the 450-800 degree F. range. See 99-12886 for heat resistant Inorganic zinc rich primer.


71 Series

Water Repellants. These silicone and siloxane masonry sealers protect brick, concrete, and mortar joints from freeze-thaw damage. Available in solvent and water base.


75 Series

Pure silicone resin and inert pigments make heat resisting thermally shock resistant paints the ability to protect steel at cycling temperatures up to 1200 degrees F.



Pruett-Schaffer's three part epoxy floor coating system can be used over new floors to enhance the beauty of lobbies and other heavy traffic areas, on industrial floors to protect against wear and corrosives, or on damaged floors to restore their structural integrity and functionality at a fraction of the cost of concrete slab replacement.


12 Series

REPAIR COMPOUND: Use #12-3 sealer or #12-4 coarse Epoxy Floor Crack Fillers to prepare damaged floors for coating with 80-Series products.


80 Series

PRIMER: A top quality zero-VOC 2-component phenalkamine-cured epoxy primer that provides an excellent basecoat for 84-Series Epoxy Floor Midcoats. It is ceramic filled for extreme toughness and chemical resistance, and will bond tightly to steel, concrete, and epoxy repair compounds. Easy to apply with rollers or flat squeegees.


84 Series

MIDCOAT: This zero-VOC polyamido amine/cycloaliphatic-cured epoxy 2-component system provides state of the art protection against concrete-damaging exposure to acids, alkalies, oil, fuel, salt, and solvents for manufacturing floors, secondary containment areas, etc. With the optional vinyl texturing chips, a beautiful granite-like appearance can enhance the beauty of lobbies.


85 Series

CLEAR TOPCOAT: Optional for use over 84-Series Epoxy Midcoats unless using vinyl chips, this zero-VOC cycloaliphatic amine-cured epoxy offers the maximum in toughness and chemical resistance in a non-yellowing, beautiful glasslike topcoat. Self leveling application.


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