Solvent Base Alkyds

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30 Series

A full line of standard solvent-based alkyd primers is available and used throughout the industry; primarily over steel substrates. Primers are available in spray, brush, or dip tank formulations in red and yellow oxide, various grays, green, black and other colors:

• Standard solids, rust inhibiting primers for general shop and maintenance use. Very easy to apply and forgiving
   of marginally prepared surfaces. Topcoat with standard alkyds.

• High solids, rust inhibiting primers for VOC compliant applications. Available in standard alkyd & silicone-modified
  alkyd formulations for specialty applications. Topcoat with standard alkyds.

• Zinc rich formulations for heavy duty cathodic protection of steel. May be used as a primer or topcoat on electrical
  towers. Available in standard or universal type alkyd vehicles.

• Universal rust inhibiting primers for over coating with aggressive solvent-containing topcoats such as epoxies and
  urethanes. Good general use primer for many purposes.

• Heat resisting primers, available in standard alkyd vehicle up to 400 deg.F or silicone alkyd vehicles to 550 deg F.
   For higher heat applications (see 70-Series).



31 & 33 Series

Reserved for future use


32 Series

Top quality, single component, air drying, VOC compliant silicone-modified alkyd for excellent gloss retention, heat resistance and exterior weathering characteristics. Use over primer or direct-to-metal as a brushing or spraying topcoat.


31 Series

Economical fast drying VOC compliant paint for interior use only. These low & semi-gloss enamels are generally used to spruce up drab interiors. For spray application only. Overspray can be swept up if allowed to fall 10ft.


34 Series

High quality VOC compliant, modified-alkyd DTM paints with good exterior gloss retention and fast dry time. Generally used as high-build, direct-to-metal spray paints.


35 Series

Good quality fast dry conventional solids spray paints. These enamels exhibit good exterior weathering properties, and ease of use for a wide variety of applications. NOT VOC compliant. See 34 Series for compliant products.


36 Series

Economical general purpose industrial enamels(2-4 hr dry). These medium oil alkyds have high gloss and good application properties. For use as interior/exterior utility and machinery enamels.


37 Series

Economical general purpose long oil brushing paints for metal or wood surfaces. These full gloss maintenance enamels have low VOC and can be used over primed or painted surfaces.


38 Series

Top quality VOC compliant, acrylic modified-alkyd DTM paints with excellent exterior gloss retention and fast dry time. Generally used as an automotive type refinish enamel.


39 Series

Miscellaneous specialty and custom products.


96 Series

Very fast drying conventional solids lacquers, NOT VOC COMPLIANT, ask for 91 SERIES if interested in a 0 VOC or low VOC version (under development).


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