Vinyl and Asphaltic Coatings

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45 Series

Standard vinyl topcoats. EXCELLENT water and acid resistance. Meets corp of engineers specs for locks and dams. Can NOW be formulated into VOC compliant versions by using exempt solvents



50 Series

Asphaltic varnishes. These products are used for acid and water resistant enamels, Mil-Spec concrete finishes, and varnishes with special electrical properties.


51 Series

Low cost, air-drying, water-based asphalt emulsion paint. Recommended for damp-proofing above or below grade masonry, and as a vapor retardant or as a replacement for solvent based roof coatings. Applied film is breathable.


55 Series

Asphaltic/Gilsonite coatings used for lath, spring, radiator refinishing and metal coatings, and low temperature resistant paints.


59 Series

Joint compounds for concrete pipe or trowelable roof coatings, other specialty and custom products.




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