Water Base Coatings

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20 Series

Acrylic emulsion primers and low gloss topcoats for use over steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Top quality, heavy duty, high performance primers for multiple uses. Marking paints, wood, drywall & stain blocking primers.


20 Zero VOC Series

Similar to 20-Series, but contains NO volatile organic content.


21 Series

Acrylic emulsion masonry block filler, for interior and exterior use. High build, alkalie resistant coating for filling of small voids in brick, joints, and concrete block.


26 Series

Water reducible alkyd, phenolic modified alkyd (universal primers) or epoxy ester primers for general shop use. Suitable for machinery, equipment, and as a primer over existing coatings. Epoxy ester versions are more weldable. May also be used as a low gloss topcoat.


27 Series

Fire resistant primers. Electrical resistant with low water vapor transmission rates. Highly chemical resistant "UNIVERSAL" primers made from Polyvinylidene Dichloride (PVDC). Limited colors & shelf life.



22 Series

2-Component water based epoxies for HEAVY DUTY protection of steel and masonry in a wide variety of corrosive environments. Linings containing fluoropolymers for FDA use & superior unloading properties. Linings for concrete pipe protection for immersion service for acidic sewer conditions. Primers & topcoats.


23 Series

Self-crosslinking acrylic emulsions for sealing or topcoating concrete & asphalt. Crosslinking improves chemical resistance & hardness compared to typical acrylic emulsions .Can be used as a more chemical resistant topcoat over 20 series primers or epoxies.


24 Series

Acrylic emulsion railcar direct-to-metals or topcoats for spray application over steel galvanized steel, and aluminum. Long service life, top quality, heavy duty, high build, high performance topcoats for multiple uses.


24 Zero VOC Series

Similar to 24-Series, but contains NO volatile organic content.


25 Series

Heavy duty acrylic emulsion topcoats similar to 24-Series but used over 20 Series primers, high build versions are available to replace Zinc Rich Tower Paints. Expected service life of 10-15 years or more!


28 Series

Economical water reducible alkyds for spray or dip tank use. General utility, machinery, and equipment enamels with good gloss and exterior weathering properties. Silicone alkyds for superior properties.


29 Series

Miscellaneous specialty and custom products built to your specifications!


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